Our story

Every single person has his or her own story.
Every organisation has theirs.
We help bring these together.

We help organisations define who they are and what makes them different.
We journey with them in defining, growing and sustaining a culture that powers them to be successful, as individuals and as an organisation – identify their DNA, their essence. We help them build an edge in their business by recentering and realigning the organisation to what great looks like for them and what differentiates them from the others in their space.

Like Traditional Chinese Medicine, we seek to discover the roots of success, failure and pressure points. We redefine together with the team, how their organisation should live, breathe and operate each day.

Once this is done, we seek to empower the organisation with the vibe, the attitude and skills to launch themselves in their own branded way. We partner to create intentional programmes, rituals and processes that truly define them and matter to their staff and customers.

We help build an ecosystem for the culture to grow, sustain and thrive.

This includes:

– Establishing your philosophies and strategies
– Surveying your customers, leaders and staff
– Establishing your distinctive and branded customer experience
– Developing procedures to ensure alignment and consistency
– Aligning your HR processes to your Service direction and brand
– Design customised programmes to equip all levels of staff to deliver a consistent experience
– Delivering training at all levels to ensure consistent execution of your service strategies.

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