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Our Wow! books focus on customer experience, not just service. These books will help you gain fresh insights and practical tips on Wow! your customers!


Giving your customers The Wow! Experience®to grow your business

  • In this hard-cover book, you will discover:
  • The art and science of the customer experience and what your customer really wants
  • Different ways to engage your customers
  • How to manage difficult customers and situations
  • How to recover shortfalls and win your customers back
  • How to build loyal customers who keep coming back and spreading the good word about you.

RRP: S$39
Online Price: S$25

How to Wow!

21 ways to give your customers The Wow! Experience® to grow your business

In this book, you will discover:

  • Bentley’s 6 Principles of Wow!®
  • The 3 Cs of The Wow! Experience®
  • How to manage difficult situations
  • Tried and tested ways and ideas to treat each customer as a special individual
  • Phrasing your words so your positive intentions are never misunderstood

….. and many more ways you can Wow!® your customers

RRP: S$39
Online Price: S$25




Fun, humourous and packed with practical tips, the Wow! training videos illustrate the Wow! concepts and messages to inspire and educate individuals, teams and organisations to deliver The Wow! Experience® to grow their businesses.

In it, you will find many real service examples, done in a light-hearted way, with simple and easy to remember approaches. Use this video as a tool when giving bite-sized trainings to your team. All our videos come with a facilitator guide and workbook.

From Ow! to Wow!

Managing Difficult Customer Situations

Do you sometimes wonder how you can deal with difficult customer situations? You are at a loss and the situation gets worse…Oh no!

In this video, you will learn a simple 4- step approach on how you can manage these situations and add extra steps to bring your customers ‘From Ow! to Wow!®. This video is simple, funny and practical! It comes with a facilitator guide and workbook to equip and inspire your staff to manage these situations with confidence.

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