What they say


Lynette Lesslar
Vice President, Customer Experience & Quality

Ben delivers what he promises. Ben is engaging. Not many consultants are, but with Ben, he connects with people and engages them at a level where learning becomes fun, interactive and effective. I’m never disappointed and neither are the staff!

Andre Huber
Executive Director

Bentley has done a tremendous job in raising the service levels at Huber’s. He easily engages and motivates the people with his charm, humour
and energy and most importantly is able to dispense valuable advice as well as generate great ideas at his sessions

Eunice Lee
Head, Guests Insights & Experience

Service excellence is definitely in Bentley’s DNA! The delivery of the programme to bring out the essence of SERVICE and the high level of engagement with participants is beyond WOW. We have benefited from the sessions and look forward to have more partnership.

Oon Jin Teik
Chief Operating Officer

This has been a dream for me – from the concept development of this project to moving into execution. We not only wanted a nice infrastructure, but also a people oriented software that is full of service, pride and a desired outcome to serve customers. So I really appreciate how Wow! Academy delivered this initiative and if we continue to make use of every opportunity to do this with every staff, volunteer and the leader, we will get to our desired outcome. Thank you very much, Bentley!

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