Chuen Lai Pyng

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Pyng has worked in the hospitality and service industry for many years. She is extremely passionate about developing people and inspiring them to achieve their personal potential in their professional and personal lives.

As a certified practitioner in behavioural interviewing and assessment, Pyng works closely with clients to assess the capabilities of their staff as well as improve their staff’s performance through training and coaching.

Her years with training and developing the flight attendants of Singapore Airlines as well as the service staff of a major hotel chain have elevated her sensitivity to the delivery of customer experience. Her bag of experience include managing service standards, handling customer feedback, developing new products and services, as well as implementing an operating procedures system that helped to ensure product and service consistency. She also designs processes for service quality that will enhance the customer experience of clients.

Pyng believes in being positive in everything that she does, and to always look forward. She enjoys building close partnerships with clients so that she can recommend and deliver the solutions that would bring the best results and add the most value.

To relieve stress, she spends time with her two wonderful kids (and husband, of course), practice yoga (ohm…) and indulge in her favourite chocolate dessert!

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