Fiona Koh

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Fiona has been working in the area of learning & development, banking & finance as well as customer service for more than two decades.

She was previously the Training & Development Manager of the largest local bank’s Call Centre, where she helped it attain the People Developer Standard. As a training manager for the Call Centre, she designed customer service scorecards, conducted service workshops for the various levels and trained Call Centre Leaders on managing escalation cases and difficult customers. She has also lectured in a local polytechnic for students and adults in the area of Customer Relationship Management (CRM).

Fiona is a strong believer in people development and she often customises her sessions to create relevance for participants in terms of their job roles and responsibilities, and the type of clientele they serve. Besides facilitating workshops, she also finds it intrinsically rewarding to help professionals grow their careers in her capacity as en executive coach.

Fiona is also a trained Counsellor in the areas of family therapy, grief counselling and financial management. She has 2 lovely daughters and believe that family bonding is very important. Therefore she has family meals almost every night with her mum and her siblings. Nothing beats homecooked Peranakan food!


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