Phua Chye Kok

chyekok bioshot

People say that Chye Kok has a warm personality that engages them in his own sincere way. He enjoys meeting people from all walks of life and getting to know them.

He strongly believes in people and organisational development, particularly the dynamics of personal development within an organisation and team environment. With his experience in sales, he thoroughly appreciates the need to always seek to understand the customer first. He is passionate about personal development and believe that possessing good communication skill is the key to personal and organisational success.

As an avid reader and learner, he enjoys sharing and discussing insights with people and welcomes different perspectives. The learning journey is definitely a continuous one for him and he derives great satisfaction in gaining new knowledge.

Chye Kok is certified in the Persuasive Communicator Profiling Tool which helps individuals and teams build relationships based on trust. Oh and he also believes food makes people happy so his teammates always look forward to those snacks that he brings for meetings!


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