Stephanie Williams

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Stephanie has more than 15years of experience in the area of organisational development. Her experience in the government agency where she facilitated conversations between industry leaders sparked her deep interest in employee engagement and people development. She firmly believes that everyone has a story and employee engagement is key in changing the narrative of the workplace culture.

Stephanie has a warm personality and has facilitated numerous focus group sessions to understand the ‘why’. She customises approaches that work for each organisation as what works for one may not work for the other.

To promote best workplace practices within industries, Stephanie has also helped facilitate dialogue sessions with stakeholders and partners. She has a keen interest in human behaviour, particularly in people development, their attitudes, beliefs and ‘what makes them tick’.

She loves the intricacies of beadwork and Roman architecture. Her greatest challenge will be to finish her kasut manek (Peranakan Beaded Shoe). Like they say, the spirit is willing but the eyes are weak.

When not working, she fires up an impressive Beef Rendang, amongst others.

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